AncaLogy Update!

Hey everyone! Hope you’re staying warm on this super chilly day today! (However, if you’re in a warmer region right now…I envy you. Not really. Okay, maybe a tiny bit).


I wanted to let you all know that I’ve decided to leave the Etsy platform, and will now be selling any merchandise, product, etc. DIRECTLY from this website now. EXCITING, I KNOW.

Head on over to the new Shop tab! There’s already a few pieces of merch you can purchase that will directly benefit Blankets of Blessings. Other products from AncaLogy will be added at a later date.

I hope you enjoy the new changes, there are more to come! God Bless!

Registration Live – Confab of Respite

Greetings once again, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Have you taken the time to get registered for this AWESOME support group yet? You might want to jump to it, because space is limited! There are only 12 spots available! If you do register, but you register after the 12th spot has already been taken, you will automatically be wait-listed for the next session.

If you register, and you are apart of the first 12 individuals to attend, you will be notified of your secured place for the meeting.

Click here to Register◀

I absolutely cannot wait to see everyone there! Looking forward to making new connections and educating the community about IBD!

God Bless! 💖

confab of respite