Blankets of Blessings


Bianca, the founder of the future Blankets of Blessings Foundation, began to knit blankets and sell them to help offset the costs of her own medical expenses that are associated with the treatment of Crohn’s Disease. Upon the start of advertising the blankets she makes, she discovered that not many people she knew, knew she even had Crohn’s Disease. Since then, she’s started planning to turn Blankets of Blessings into a non-profit that educates her community and assists the children in her community that are dealing with the effects of Crohn’s and Colitis. Though Bianca was diagnosed at the young age of 16, she continues to be a strong and brilliant light of hope to those around her with similar circumstances, helping in any way that she can.


Blankets of Blessings exists to not only to help alleviate the stresses of identifying sources of income that will pay for medical treatments for those living with IBD Conditions, particularly for children, but also bring more awareness to the invisibility of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and how it affects those living with it. The Foundation will also assist in supporting the larger Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation in identifying a cure or increasing relief for those of us living with these IBD Conditions.


The future Foundation works to prepare grants for children of families who possess financial difficulty with fully covering the costs of their child’s (or children’s) treatment(s). Blankets of Blessings also provides warmth, spiritual and encouraging support and overall good feelings to everyone, especially those financially struggling while dealing with the effects of Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis and other IBD related conditions.


Not only does the Foundation envision to be able to provide direct funding to children living with Crohn’s, Colitis and other IBD conditions from its own intake of donations while still providing completed grants for the costs it cannot assist with, it also plans to have a physical center where individuals living with these diseases can come in and receive spiritual and uplifting support, education on holistic nutrition that helps ease the effects of these diseases, and various other support groups and activities that make living with these diseases easier.

Proposed Programs

Grant Writing

Prayer/Spiritual Support Groups

Direct Funding through Donations

Holistic Nutrition Guidance/Meal Provision

Crohn’s and Colitis Education